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Kajabi Triples Down on Empowering Creators to Become Entrepreneurs

July 8, 2021

These three new offerings equip Kajabi with more tools than any other knowledge commerce platform and allow creators to fully own their content, audience, and online business

IRVINE, Calif. — July 8, 2021 — Kajabi, an industry-leading e-commerce platform empowering creators, today announced the roll-out of its newest platform capabilities: podcasts, newsletters and coaching. The new capabilities will further expand Kajabi’s already robust, all-in-one set of tools and features, with podcasts launching to customers today, and newsletters and coaching to become available in the coming weeks. Now, with the addition of these new mediums, creators and entrepreneurs can build and scale their businesses online by further optimizing their content, and packaging their knowledge into any of the below digital products:

  • Online Courses: Leverage the ultimate scalable asset that can be built once and sold over and over.
  • Memberships: Build a monthly recurring revenue stream and deliver consistent value to paying customers.
  • Podcasts: Host and market a podcast to connect with an audience, collect leads and  generate additional income.
  • Newsletters (Coming Soon): Place newsletters behind a paywall and start earning more income for the value being provided.
  • Coaching (Coming Soon): Create an interactive coaching experience for clients by scheduling live sessions, recording progress, and more.  

“By implementing today’s most in-demand product categories such as podcasts, newsletters and coaching into the Kajabi platform, we’re expanding the many ways knowledge entrepreneurs can build and scale a successful business, and creators can directly monetize their content and become serious entrepreneurs,” said Kenny Rueter, Co-founder of Kajabi. “With these additions, there is no other platform today that matches what Kajabi offers: the ability to create a wide variety of in-demand products and content, grow your business with powerful marketing and sales tools, and manage your entire business without stringing together several separate tools.”

Today’s new podcast feature launch also positions Kajabi as the only platform allowing creators to host, market, and monetize their podcast all without taking a cut of their profits. With Kajabi, knowledge entrepreneurs can now reach their audience in a whole new way by seamlessly creating or migrating their existing podcast with Kajabi’s built-in import tool and publishing it to major streaming platforms with just one click — complete with show notes, transcripts, and episode thumbnails. The offering goes one step further by enabling them to gate premium podcast episodes for members, collect payments, send email notifications, design landing pages, and more. By leveraging the new podcast solution, Kajabi customers can expect to:

  • Capture leads by grabbing the attention of potential customers with one of the most discoverable mediums around while collecting email addresses in exchange for episode announcements or guides.
  • Build authority by cementing themselves as a trusted voice within their niche, and building brand equity and follower attraction by interviewing special guests.  
  • Generate revenue by creating a members-only podcast to give their most engaged followers a convenient way to consume premium content, or using a free podcast to upsell their paid products and services.  

Coming soon, Kajabi customers will also receive access to new newsletter and coaching digital products. Those offerings will enable the following:


  • Create a premium newsletter that’s only available to paying customers — an opportunity for customers to build trust with their communities while still getting paid for the value they deliver.
  • Publish gated content, collect subscription fees, and deliver value to customers, all from the same dashboard.
  • Automatically connect back to a customer’s Kajabi business, including their website and marketing campaigns to further automate the sales process.  


  • Create fully customizable coaching programs including the number of live sessions, the agenda, resources, and notes from each session.
  • Enjoy streamlined integration for featuring coaching programs on websites, in marketing funnels, or as an upsell/cross-sell alongside existing offers.
  • Leverage built-in CRM to track clients’ progress and other customer details (such as which offers they’ve purchased) to deliver a truly tailored experience.

To celebrate the launch of these new digital products, Kajabi is also extending a limited-time offer to new customers who can purchase a three-month subscription for only one payment of $99.  

To learn more about Kajabi, please visit www.kajabi.com.

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Founded in Irvine, California, in 2010, Kajabi is a leading all-in-one platform for knowledge entrepreneurs to build, market, and sell educational content. With Kajabi’s robust product features, users have a single ecosystem in which they can publish, market, and sell online courses, membership sites, communities, and other digital products. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs rely on Kajabi to build and manage their online businesses, and the company has helped these entrepreneurs generate over $2.5 billion in sales from nearly 50 million customers to date. Learn more at www.kajabi.com and follow @Kajabi on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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